Kanye Does Vibe And…We Told You So

This next blurb you’re about to read is from Kanye’s latest interview with VIBE– yes, he’s on the cover of VIBE. BUT doesn’t the bold quote below sound dangerously close to our banned rapper phrases for 2009??? It’s only January 8 and these dudes are already stepping out of bounds! I tell ya…

Kanye on putting out 808’s & Heartbreak so quickly…..

“I could have put it out as a mixtape. I always wanted to do a mixtape called T-Pain Style. And I was like, if these songs are good as hell, why not put it out as a real album? And who’s to say what’s a mixtape , what’s an album. I ain’t have to drop an album either. What I do at this point is a gift. And I think people are complaining about their gift. They can either play with it or not! But don’t complain to me about the gift. There’s guys out there, nobody spoke on our behalf before. Whatever about the singing. F*ck all the singing, f*ck all the Auto-Tune, f*ck the He’s A Rapper, he’s not a rapper, he’s going through something, he has to get this out of his system, he’s crazy. F*ck all that. It’s men out there who have never had anyone to speak on their behalf about the way the feel in a relationship. We don’t feel like, ‘F*ck you, bitch, I’m going to f*ck a whole bunch of girls’. NO! We feel hurt. We feel pain. Like, ‘Damn, why would you say something like that to me? Damn, I LOVE YOU. Damn, I want to have a family. Damn, I want to find someone to raise my kids. Damn, my baby mama’s a bitch. Or she’s not a bitch’. That more than anything-more than the way I wanted to deliver this art-is the message behind 808’s.”

Don’t Do It Captain!: Banned Rapper Phrases for ‘09

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