Madge…and Her Vadge…Get Hot for LV

Some things are fine when they stay in your head…bad thoughts, white lies, fantasy celebrity flings and the sight of Madonna’s 50+ snatch. But thanks to Louis Vuitton and a damm good team of airbrush artists, Madonna is gonna sell you that handbag even if she has to don some LV knickers and spread ’em. 

While I love the bag…and the shoes….and the jacket, are we confident that Madge can move some luxury goods in this market? Remember that she couldn’t pack in her own show last summer. I can appreciate the “Forget You Guy Ritchie” look on her face, but are we tipping the scale with this ones ladies? We at Parlour believe at being hot at any age so can we get the information of her retoucher???

Ps. Sean Connery’s ad is HOT!

Louis Vuitton

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