Mental Agility

It is a new year…and five days later we are already trying our hardest to break those heartfelt resolutions. Lose weight/get in shape is the most popular New Year resolution by far. It also happens to be the easiest resolution to break. Happy hours and dinner parties are much preferred to sweating in the gym. So this year, why not focus on a somewhat less obsessed-over muscle…the brain.
Alzheimer’s and dementia may not be as commonly publicized as heart disease nor fully preventable, but that is no reason to be lazy. Cross word puzzles and Sudoku are awesome brain exercises conducive to morning/evening train commutes. But, as with all forms of exercise, it is best to start slowly so don’t hurt yourself by attempting to get in shape with a difficult level Sudoku or the New York Times Sunday crossword. Start with baby steps – try listening to a book or a lengthy podcast on your ipod. We gather the vast majority of our information visually (i.e. reading, video) leaving the audio muscles to atrophy from lack of exercise. Give the audio receptors a work out for a change. With time it will get easier to follow story lines without visual ques.

-Ms. Skeptical

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