Morning Coffee 1.05.09

Get it? Welcome back Kotter? No…Well…

You already know the violence that’s happening in Gaza. Sigh. Here’s the latest. [G]

Remember Bundy’s struggle? Short version: our PLR blogger took in a battered family friend, only to have her go back to her abusive boyfriend. Sigh. Elsewhere in the US, states like Texas are passing laws to stop teen abuse. [NYT]

Looks like the computer shows this week aren’t going to be that exciting. Translation: not many cool new phones or laptops in the pipeline. Thanks economy. [PCW]

Three months and seven hours later, it looks like former SNL comedic writer Al Franken did indeed win that Minnesota senate seat. But the Republicans…they aren’t happy. [CT]

It’s 2009. Dammit. Er,… Welcome Parlouristas! Let’s make it great!

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