Morning Coffee 1.07.09

Interesting- Sen. Diane Feinstein is backing Illionois governor Blagojevich’s choice of Burris. I don’t know whose side I’m on…but Kenrya does. [Fox]
One cool thing from the tech conference, Mac World, is Apple announcing that iTunes won’t lock their files anymore. This will come in handy when I try to listen to “Come On Eileen” on my iTunes that I stole from someone else’s computer. Don’t judge me. Plus some new iLife toys and a note from Stevie. [NYT]
The Israeli’s are bombing UN schools now and have killed 40 more people, including children. I know this issue is way bigger than me, but I really want it to end. just end. [G]

Those 1920’s-esque suicides are starting to happen. A German billionaire killed himself after his business took some rough turns. [BBC]

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