Morning Coffee 1.09.09 (if only there were one more 1- get it?)

A protest in Oakland turned violent after a few hundred came out to march against the shooting of Oscar Grant by Bay Area Rapid Transit police. This whole thing is a mess. Smh. [MSNBC]

Hm…do you think Scientology is a crock? I’m torn- believe whateveer you want, but if the rumor’s true about not being able to take medicine…then maybe it is a crock? Let’s ask Tom Cruise. [ABC]

Lop-sided Robin Hood, Bernard Madoff– who stole from the rich but forgot to give to the poor- was hiding over $150 million in checks at his office, say investigators. They were addressed to family and close friends. ME! ME! ME! [BB]

In case you get bored at work this fab Friday- is it just me or did this week FLY by?- here’s a link that should make you giggle. Headphones!

ps. here’s the answer to the one more 9 joke up top…get it now?

photo courtesy of Peter Da Silva / EPA

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