Morning Coffee 1.13.09

Blaaaaake- aka Amy Winehouse’s husband- is seeking a divorce from Amy, on the grounds that she stepped out on him. Honestly, this might be the best thing that’s happened to Amy in the last year. And  after all, her “Tears Dry On Their Own”- stop it, you know you like that joke. [AP]

Sorry I didn’t give you the haps on lame duck US Pres Bush’s final press conference Monday morning. The big takeaway? Bush warning Obama (and us) that terrorists do indeed want to blow up America. Thx Bushie. [BBC]

The ultimate white collar criminal Bernard Madoff, er, made off without being jailed. Still. Judge let him out on bail so he “has” to sit in his $7 million penthouse awaiting trial. Man, that sucks. [AP]

Russia and the Ukraine have signed a Gas peace treaty, if you will, and the gas shortage has been cut short.  [BBN]

Leading Sri Lankan newspaper editor and fierce government critic Lasantha Wickramatunga was laid to rest after being shot dead last week…looks like Sri Lanka is one of the most dangerous places to report as the Tamil Tiger rebel attack increase. [BBC]

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