Morning Coffee 1.15.09

Yeah! Kelis and Nas are preggers! Cute…wonder when/if Bey and Jay will join the baby bump watch. Hm…[USW]

Do you want more Rick Ross? Of course you do…You only have to wait until April for Deeper Than Rap. [MTV]

Possible ceasefire in Gaza. Please please please, I really hope the opposing parties agree to call off killing the kids. [BBC]

Do you believe that Kanye killed Emo? If so, then buy this t-shirt and tell Dashboard Confessional I sent cha. [KL]

I love the UK because British scientists are always researching some hair brain link between sneezing and the price of tea in China. This time- if you drink coffee, you’re more likely to have hallucinations. Who needs shrooms? [BBC]

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