Morning Coffee 1.16.09

All 155 passengers on the US Airways Jet that landed in the Hudson River yesterday are safe and sound. The flight was leaving for North Carolina from NYC’s LaGuardia airport. The craft landed in the river when the power died in both of the plane’s engines, after running into a flock of birds. {NYT}

70% of women in China want to have more than one child but authorities are not backing down in the one-child policy, stating that it has “helped to make people wealthier.” It’s kind of sad. {BBC}

Bank of America received a $20 billion bailout by the U.S. Government. Does that mean I can get a small loan now? {G}

I got put on to the electronic outfit Ratatat last year and I’ve been slightly obsessed since then. Animal Collective’s made a super slowed-down stormy version of their hit “Mirando,” from Ratatat’s latest album, LP3. {PMA}

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