Morning Coffee: 1.21.09

Oh…what a Tuesday! Well, it here and it’s real. Barack Hussein Obama is our 44th President now after what seemed like the longest election ever. Steely D braved the cold in DC and managed to go to some snazzy parties while Mahogs and I held the fort down in NY (we had to get $$$). Well, it’s Wednesday now…so on with the show.
Remember how I fantasized about Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown and then we found out that we weren’t the only ones? Well, the winners ladies and gentleman are Isabel Toledo (wife of my favorite illustrator, Ruben Toledo) and Jason Wu, who designed Michelle’s inaugural ‘fit and her ball gown. Wu didn’t know that she had chosen the dress until Tuesday night. He’s the man. CNN does a run down of her day in style. Gotta love Malia and Sasha’s JCrew wool coats! {CNN}

All over the world, time stood still as people stopped to witness the inauguration. {NYTimes}

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is still a tragic mess. {BBC}
Some members of the British Parliament might be a little nervous…the goverment is deciding to publish all expenses for public record, which had been traditionally private. We wonder what we will find! {Telegraph}
Oh, and it’s Obama’s first day at work. No. 1 on the list? Guantanamo. {WashPo}

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