Morning Coffee 1.23.09

Why don’t politicians want to pay their taxes? Don’t they know it all comes out in the wash? I mean, I’ve waited two years to pay mine, but that’s not the same, lol. Shut up- it’s not. [NYT]

Michelle Trachtenberg is returning to “Gossip Girl” as her evil character, Georgina. I’m excited since Chuck and Lily have squashed their beef and the whole blair-Chuck’s skeevy uncle plot is over…[MTV]

As we knew he would, Barack has ordered Guantanamo Bay closed in one year’s time. What I think is interesting is that if this situation happened in another country- the US would be pressing for UN trials for George W. Bush and his cronies, but since we’re the US… [BBC]

Basketball player Alonzo Mourning gives up the ghost- I should’ve known when I saw him at the Obama: That One! event in Washington, D.C. this past weekend. Sportie- got any thoughts on this? [TSN]

It’s Friday! YESSSS!!! I am packing and drinking and napping this weekend.

image via BBC

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