Morning Coffee 1.27.09


Joke of the day…here are the men of GOOD Music, Kanye’s clique label at Paris fashion week. I can’t with Taz’s cheetah American Apparel-esque tights! I laughed out loud when my boy sent this to me. My co-workers said that Kanye needs to work on his posture. Thoughts? [HB]

Treasury secretary hopeful Tim “I forgot to pay my taxes, what do you want from me!?!” Geithner is expected to be voted in by the Senate soon. Can I skip my taxes next month too? I’ll take the cabinet position too please. Thanks. [CNN]

In the UK, 67,000 jobs took a dive into the unemployment pool at once. Wild. [G]

Instead of attending his trial, embattled code for I tried to sell Obama’s old Senate seat Illinois Governor Blagojovech  made a round of TV appearances including The View clip I posted yesterday. Think his public appeal will get him off? [MSNBC]

Icelandic Conservative Prime Minister Geir Haarde and his cabinet have resigned- the country’s economy fell apart last October due to debt, constant protests and unemployment. Looks like the country’s economy will continue to shrink by 10% this year… [BBC]

WORD ON THE STREET: Chrisette Michele is releasing her next album-no title yet- on March 31 and her new single, “Epiphany,” should hit the streets on Feb. 10. T.I.P, Kanye, Wayne and Jay will perform “Swagga Like Us” at the Grammy’s…don’t you love how the “academy” wants to include hip-hop finally? Remember when Jay-Z boycotted the Grammy’s because the hip-hop award winners weren’t televised? My, how times have changed…

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