Morning Coffee 1.30.09

We knew it was going to happen…this is what occurs when you do the talk show circuit instead of go to your impeachment trial. Blago gets the boot! [NYT]

Hard times- this man was frozen in ice for god knows how long…and no one really cared. smh. [DN]

My boy Liam Neeson- aka the husband in The Constant Gardener which is actually a really good film- apparently does a very good job as a killer in Taken. Do you want to see it? [SFG]

Tricky is playing SXSW…remember him? [BV]

Food aid is cut in Zimbabwe as people continue to be hungry and suffer from cholera. Interesting thing is, I was speaking to a friend who has people there and she says, Zimbabwe really isn’t that bad. Hm… [G]

image via NYT

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