My Confession – “The L Word”

After listening to both Steely and my girl Love rant and rave about The L Word for what seems like 15 years now, I decided to take matters into my own hands over the holiday break and get acquainted with Bette and the Hollywood crew by catching up on all of the seasons. Fast forward four days and besides the gym…I have not left my house. I’m obsessed. I’m only at the tail-end of season 2, but already I miss Marina (swoon!) and wish someone would just run Jenny over with a truck. Where have these girls been all of my life and why was I too cheap to get Showtime to watch? Do I get a brown-skin girl other than Carmen (who makes me want to go to the gym, her body=sick)??? I am always late when it comes to good TV, but I will be at Steely’s house just about every Sunday for the sixth season, starting January 18.

Thanks Steely, you have made a monster of me. Ok, back to watching writing.

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