Speed-The-Plow: Out With The Piven, In With The Macy

Don’t know if you follow Broadway, but it can give you mercury poisoning. If you’re Jeremy Piven of course. Fortunately I made it to the Speed-the-Plow before he ran out on the show, and I thought he was good but his co-star Raul Esparza was better. And honestly, I think that’s why Ari Gold skipped town. Why let some thespian ruin your television career and endless supply of emmy’s? I’m just saying.
Anyway, William H. Macy, of Fargo and Magnolia fame, joined the cast on Jan. 13. He’s a pretty good actor- doesn’t strike me as a sexy movie producer but I say give it a shot.

Speed-the-Plow Welcomes Oscar Nominee Macy Jan. 13

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