Parlour News!: Love Is A Battlefield, Ready for War?

Hey Ladies!! Guess what is right around the corner…Valentine’s Day! Are you excited? We Are. And because we love you, we decided to spare you all the lovey-dovey crap that will start to invade your life come February 1st.

We want to hear your REAL love stories. Bad and embarrassing dates, funny faux paus, crazy stories of that time you went off the deep-end in college, weird exes, bring it on! Love is real, but love is hard and gets messy sometimes, to quote Pat Benatar…Love is a Battlefield. We know you have that one tale that still makes you chuckle, or cringe and we want ’em!

Send your war story to and we will publish it. Don’t worry, we won’t use your real name (unless you want us to). Be sure to include your age and a contact email so we can hook you up if you are our lucky winner. May the best…or worst…win! If you don’t feel like putting yourself out there, you can still get down—vote for your favorite entries in the comments section of the post. The post with the most votes, and the Parlour seal of approval will win!

All entries are subject to Parlour approval and stories will be accepted until February 12th, with the winning entry being chosen on February 13th.

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