PASSPORT: The World Awaits


Times are changing. A failing economy… rapidly increasing unemployment rates… Life in the U.S. just isn’t what it once was. For many of us, we have come to a crossroads. Whether we have lost our jobs or are just at a point where we need something new, the idea of living a life abroad seems less foreign now more than ever.

In the past year, I have noticed an increase in young Americans leaving the comfort zone of home to start a life abroad. Some received new jobs. Some just took the leap of faith to try something new. But the bottom line is that the fear is gone. The unknown has become an enticing opportunity to build a global network that will only make us more competitive in the years to come.

A few years ago, a friend of mine who had been laid off from a job at Coca-Cola decided to bypass the instant job search and move to Spain. After a little over a month, she came back refreshed and Spanish-speaking, ready to take on her next challenge. She participated in AmeriSpan-Study Abroad, an amazing immersion program for students and adults who are interested in learning and living abroad.

The program was started 16 years ago by two then-29 year-olds who wanted to start a Latin American language program for travelers of all ages. Now, AmeriSpan offers over 15 languages in 45 different countries throughout the America’s, Eurpoe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. For a set price, you have the choice of living in a hotel or host family in the country of your choice where you can take language classes Monday through Friday, mixed in with cooking , dance and other cultural immersion courses. They even have specialized programs for physicians, teachers and business professionals who want to focus on specific areas of study.

There are tons of options out there if you have reached this crossroads in your life and are looking to try something new. If you’re in the position to do so and it’s on your mind, step out on faith. Parlour’s own Frenched Kiss did it and we’ve been living vicariously through her all year! The world awaits. Let’s not leave it waiting too long!

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