Puffy Explains Kim’s “Notorious” Portrayal, But Ms. Wallace Isn’t Having It

So, I got this clip in my inbox and though I try not to post Puff’s randomness- I watched it and thought it interesting because 1) D-Roc sat next to me at the Notorious screening 2) How can Puff tell us to ignore Kim’s portrayal in the film when HE ok’d the character’s direction?

That was my first Hm…

Then I get this quote from Voletta Wallace, B.I.G.’s mom, from an Urbanworldwireless blast and I’m like…what in the world is going on?!? BACKTRACK: Before the film dropped, Kim’s tight about her portrayal as Big’s “other chick” in Notorious and says she’s going to out Ms. Wallace or something like that. Meanwhile, Ms. Wallace tells Essence that she’s open to a conversation with Kim about she and Big’s relationship because she’s learned more about her son from prepping Notorious. Now- I guess someone told Ms. Wallace about Kim’s inital threat and now she’s said: “She [Kim] felt the character we chose for her was ‘too dark’. Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she’s a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil’ Kim’s words. Tell Lil’ Kim to go find herself, go drink a cup of green tea and get a life! This movie is not about Lil’ Kim.”

I really hope this is a fabricated quote because that would be really sad if one film is causing all of this unrest. Jeez.

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