Read It And Weep…or Chuckle

So Joe Torre wrote a book about his years as the Yankee skipper. The pundits are going wild, gleefully poring over every detail that has anything negative to say about the team. I just finished reading it and I have to say…
What doesn’t seem to be making the press rounds, is how great of a psychologist one would have to be to deal with this rag tag group of primadonnas and overpaid cry babies and win.
The not so nice things he had to say about certain players (A-Fraud and his obsession with Jeter is my personal favorite) all seem to come out in a way that doesn’t make them out to be bad people, but lets the reader know what was really going on in the clubhouse.

People are saying that he will lose his Yankee legacy for printing this book. That is comical to me. If the Yankees were interested in anything like legacy, then he wouldn’t have been high sided at the Stadium on it’s final night. They also seem to have clearly forgotten what makes the Yankees such a storied franchise. All types of beef, and drama, and malcontents (Bronx Zoo anyone?) coming together to win or suck badly, depending on the decade.

The thing is, even after this book, Torre will get more love from Yankee fans than Girardi or whoever replaces him when Hal Steinbrenner shows his ass again. Why? Because he won. In spite of the bad personnel decisions (I see you MJ) he still a won more than he lost. The only Yankee manager with more championships with him is LONG dead. Fans love him.

There are some freaks who are calling him a bad person for airing dirty laundry. That’s the beauty of this country, it’s his right to speak on his experiences a nd make a whole lot of money making his former employers look like the fools many of us have suspected they were all along.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who fell out of love with A-Rod after his playoff performance his first year with the team. I’m positive that I’m not the only person who didn’t want him to come to the Yankees after the way he threw Jeter under the bus. Reading about this obsession made me feel a bit smarter than normal, and gave me great laughs.

The thing that is most interesting to me, is the fallout from the book. Has anyone else noticed that not one person he spoke negatively about in the book has come out to say he’s lying about anything? Funny how even though he has said some things that would make one jump up and down and cry foul if they were untrue, the Yankee clubhouse is oddly silent. Well except for Brian Cashman telling the team they need to rally around A-Fraud.

I cannot wait for spring training. The YES Network crew should have a field day with this book and all the jokes in it. I’m just wondering how they’ll play it, since they will probably be forced to take a pro-Yankee stance no matter how they really feel.

It should be a pretty interesting Spring/Summer. I’m just imagining all the places where it will come up. The World Baseball Classic, Spring Training, Mets games, Yankee games, and of course all over the net. Football who?

One thing is for sure, Joe Torre is going to get paid well off this book, and continue winning in LA. That’s the best revenge of all friends. Gotta love JT.


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