Sarah Palin: Haven’t We Had Enough?

Almost three months after the election and less than two weeks away from the Inauguration, Sarah Palin is still haunting our television screens.  A 10 minute snippet from a 50 minute documentary on how the media helped to elect Barack Obama has made its way to YouTube and is now all over mainstream media.  I can’t take it!  Anything this woman says makes headlines, as if we still care what she thinks about being the butt of Tina Fey jokes or how Katie Couric made her look like a complete idiot.  It was an insult to our intelligence when McCain selected her and it’s an insult to our intelligence that we continue to be bombarded with news on every move that she makes.  This is almost synonymous with last year’s obsession with the Britney Spears breakdown.  There’s real news to discuss.  Let’s get to it!

(If you are outside of the U.S. or have been living in a cave for the past day and have not seen this interview, you will have to go to YouTube to find it. We refuse to play into the hype by showing it here.)

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