“The L Word” Final Season? Yawn

So I know that I was super late on the lives of my favorite WeHo (west hollywood- I had to think about it too- Steely) girls on Showtime, but after watching all five seasons of The L Word in six straight days, I was finally caught up for the sixth and final season’s debut. My verdict so far?


I know we are only on the second episode but am I wrong to think that this season will be a complete snore? We ALL know that Alice and Tasha are like so not that great together (I wanted to slap the crap out of Alice during the therapy session), and that Jenny is stuck in “victim” mode which makes us all hate her, but the best was learning that Max was preggers! (whoa! spoiler alert!- Steels hasn’t watched this one yet…)Bring on Thomas Beatie! Could the writers not be SO “ripped from the headlines” with this? It’s just too easy. Bette is still a flirt and Tina still dresses horribly. Where is Papi dammit? Although I find her character slightly offensive, she’s great to look at. I can appreciate Helena going postal on that chick who tried to blackmail her though….my favorite line so far—Tasha: “Want me to kick her ass?…I’d have to beat a bitch down if she tried to do that shit to me.” CLASSIC B-GIRL MOMENT!

Ok L Word, don’t let me down this Sunday or I might have to go back to my nightly ritual of red wine and the NY Times.

ps. The first show wasn’t that good either…which is why I haven’t reviewed it. ugh. However Big Love? DRA-MAH!

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