The New York Zoo

Daaang. Today it was ALL about animals here on the Big Apple. First, a US Airways plane on it’s way from New York to Charlotte, NC crashed into the Hudson river in Manhattan (I was about 1,500 feet away from it when it happened) after being attacked by geese. Second, as I sit here and poke around the internet, it seems like everyone is talking about the Obamas (it feels so good to say that!) and why they won’t hurry to pick the kind of dog they should get for the girls and what should they name it? Maybe we just need some furry and feathery friends to cuddle with as we get deeper into this recession. Ladies, I know what you can do. Pick yourself up a Tickle Me Chavez, and zone out to some Frankie Beverly since you are probably going to D.C. this weekend.

Good Night Ladies,
Parlour Loves You.

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