I love being a freelancer. I can work in my pajamas all day, and instead of schlepping the city streets for a salad during lunch, I can just roll to my living room, heat up some leftovers and throw in a DVD. Today’s lunchtime selection was one of my favorite “urban crime dramas”, Juice, which originally debuted in 1992. This film, along with Boyz In Da Hood basically started the introduction of hip-hop into mainstream films and proved that urban culture had staying power at the box-office.

Aside from that, my girls and I just loved it for three reasons: GQ (Omar Epps), Bishop (Tupac), and Raheem (Khalil Kain). It was an eye-candy parade for a 13-year old girl with a slew of celebrity cameos. For me it was all about Raheem (swooon!). Do you remember the collective “oh nooooo” that happened in the theatres when Bishop shot Raheem? Awwwww man!!! Did you really believe that a high-school aged Q could pull grown-ass Yolanda (Cindy from EnVogue)??

Check out a collection of scenes above.

Looking back, Tupac really showed his skills in the movie…check out another fave scene, were you scared? I was.

Aside from a pretty decent plot-line and a great cast, Juice also ushered in another now-standard element to the urban movie – the soundtrack. I still rank the Juice soundtrack in my top 5, next to New Jersey Drive (yeah I said it) and Love Jones. My joint? “Know-The-Ledge” by Eric B & Rakim:

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