To Pose or Not to Pose…That Is the Question

We love us some Bey. We covet her skin (if you’ve never seen it up close, we’re here to tell you it’s seriously phenomenal). Her hair stylist knows EXACTLY what he/she is doing! And kudos to Beyoncé for always having a smile on her face (because, really, that’s what it’s all about). But, if you don’t mind, we do have one itty-bitty pet peeve about Lady B…

Beyonce Green Dress Conde NastWe just don’t get why she always covers up her hips/thighs in photos. Once or twice, here and there is fine. But this…It’s just too posey-posey – not to mention, obvious. Granted, we don’t know what it’s like to be behind a camera 24-7…or what it’s like to have your looks scrutinized left and right (er, like we’re doing here), but we do know that 95% of the time candid/natural photos come out better than hands on your hips/right knee bent/head tilted ever so slightly pictures. What do you think? Was your best photo ever posed or candid?

–Ayren and Anabel

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