WATCH IT!: “Medicine For Melancholy”

Did I tell you guys about an awesome movie called Medicine For Melancholy? I saw it around October of last year and it’s a written and directed by first time director named Barry Jenkins. The story follows two people who share a one night stand and try to figure out who each other actually is during the next 24 hours. It’s a black movie without all of the silliness and condescending that usually goes down during Hollywood “black” films.

Medicine for Melancholy opens at IFC in NYC this weekend. SUPPORT! Why? Because it’s really good- and I’m a hater so that means alot. Lol… + actor/ director talking about their roles after the jump. =0)

Thx for the reminder GAK!

Tracey Heggins about Jo

Barry Jenkins on his story. I noticed him at the screening because I wanted the fly vintage green sweater he was wearing- it was so indie-rock-San Francisco it made me homesick- and then he was introduced as the director from San Francisco and I thought ‘of course I would want to nab his sweater!’

[When I saw this I missed the ‘Bay sooo much. Tear.-JBaker]

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