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A Lesson to Ladies Who Avoid The Smear

Jade Goody shows her baldness in public for first time Jade Goody

A few months ago I posted on a British reality TV star called Jade Goody. She rose to fame in the UK a few years back after taking part in “Big Brother” – since then she’s remained in the papers and on TV almost constantly.

Then five months ago she went into the Indian “Big Brother” house. Shortly after she entered she was told by doctors in London that a routine smear test had shown she had cervical cancer.

Fast forward to February 2009, when Jade was told her cancer had spread and she has weeks to live. This is a 26-year-old mother of two young boys.

For the past seven years Jade has had a reality TV show here in the UK — where cameras follow her around doing everyday things. She decided to keep the cameras rolling even after she found out she had cancer. So we’ve watched her lose her hair, watched her in tears of exhaustion after chemo… And now we will watch her quickly deteriorate and pass away.

She says she’s doing it so that her boys will have financial security in the future, so they can go to good schools and live comfortably once she’s gone. She also wanted women to understand the seriousness of getting your smear test done.

And she has.

She’s opened up the eyes of millions of girls and women in this country. Not many people take the smear test (the pap smear) seriously. You get the reminder card from the doctors in the post, and then forget to ever make that appointment. Trust me, I’ve done it before.

Well now we all see the ramifications of that. Less than a year after Jade found out about her cancer, the likelihood is she’ll be dead. Women inquiring about smear tests, and actually going to their appointments has increased by 20% since Jade found out she was ill. No government campaign could have acheived that.

There are so many people who say that she’s wrong to carry on filming, to carry on doing interviews – but none of them faced death at 26. So if Jade wants to make a difference, let her.

—Miss London

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