Afternoon Tea 1.26.09

So remember when I was light-heartedly talking about hysterectomies? Well, exactly what to remove during the surgery now, is up for debate. [Jeze]

A UN War tribunal acquitted Serbia’s ex-Pres. Milan Milutinovic’s charges of war crimes in Kosovo, but five former Serbian officials were found guilty on some or all charges brought to the court.  The court said Milutinovic “had no direct control over the Yugoslav army.” War, what is it good for ladies? {BBC}

U.S. arms dealers have been allegedly selling guns to gun smugglers who’ve been carrying them to gunslingers in Mexico to fuel the drug wars for years. Mexican authorities are pissed.  {NYT}

Beastie Boys are finishing up their eighth album!  {PMA}

– love steels magnolia and bob-star!

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