Afternoon Tea: 2.9.09

Didn’t you love how Lil Wayne brought BET to the Grammy’s by having EVERYONE on stage during his acceptance speech? Check out Ben Sisario’s rundown of the night for the NYTimes {NYT}

In Australia, authorities suspect that the wildfires that have already killed 135+ people are the work of arsonists. The PM is calling it an act of “mass murder”…our heart goes out to the Aussies today. {CNN}

DC vs. NYC? New York Magazine puts the two to the test. While I love DC (it’s like home), I refuse to live in a city where public transportation stops at 1am and bars close at 2am. {NYMag}

President Obama is still urging Congress to get off their arses and get a stimulus package passed already! {BBC}

Telepathe aka my fave new du0 out of Billyburg, Brooklyn tells us what music acts they are excited for this year. {XLR8R}

Damm Todd! Looks like L.L. Cool J’s clothing line for Sears, is tanking. This right after finding out that Andre’s line isn’t doing well is too much for Monday. {WH}

Sigh. JBaker is a total cramp monster today so watch out! My spies just told me that Bjork is strolling around Havana right now on holiday…I hate her. So bring on Wednesday when I will be on a beach with a drink with an umbrella…j’yeah!

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