Afternoon Tea 2.12.09


Heidi Klum is naked again reminding us that after kids she’s still a perfect ten!  She’s looking pretty hot on the cover of GQ though.  I can’t even hate. {Autumn}

Why do I find it amusing that a US spacecraft hit a Russian satellite.  I don’t know.  The satellites collided about 500 miles above Siberia on Tuesday, creating a mass of debris that Nasa intends to track. {BBC}

Now that Zimbabwe’s power-sharing deal has been worked out and Tsvangirai is PM, Amnesty International is urging the government to release “political prisoners.” Tsvangirai said “he would refuse to become prime minister until his jailed supporters and activists were freed.”  Well he’s PM now and they’re still in there so… I’m gonna give T the benefit of the doubt for now. {BBC}

Still haven’t figured out what this whole Twitter business is all about?  NYTimes tech columnist David Pogue just figured it out.  He’ll give the run-down.  {NYT}

It’s Thursday and things are looking up ladies!  XOXO…

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