Afternoon Tea 2.13.09

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, NY MC Loer Velocity’s got some lyrical douches for your bushes. Pretty melodies, honest lyrics and pantie-dropping flow make up his new EP Uninfatuated. Download it. {XLR8R}

A Continental Airlines plane hit a home near Buffalo, NY late last night. Forty-nine passengers and crew members and one person in the home died. What is going on? {CNN}

Oh no Steely!! The Russians have captured your Somali pirates. The Russian navy announced that one of its warships captured “three pirate vessels off the coast of Somalia” and ten of the bandits to boot. {BBC}

No surprise here. The Sticky and Sweet Tour makes Madge the highest earning musician of 2008. With other pop and rock vets like Bon Jovi and the Police coming in close behind. {G}

It’s Freaky Friday the 13th. No wonder the world is up-side down! No worries, tomorrow’s Valentine’s day, so get your freak-on, with your loved ones or by your damn self. Hugs + Kisses.

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