Afternoon Tea 2.17.09

Estelle Bennett of 1960’s pop-rock girl group the Ronettes (“Be My Baby”) was found dead in her New Jersey apartment on February 11, due to colon cancer, and now information is surfacing that Bennett suffered from anorexia, schizophrenia and possibly other mental illnesses. Sigh. {NYT}

After six years of conflict, Darfur may be on it’s way to peace, with an agreement signed between Sudanese rebel group Justice and Equality Movement and the Khartoum government. {BBC}

The death of aspiring actress/model Juliana Redding reads like a modern day Black Dahlia.  Redding was found dead in her apartment in March 2008.  Police have no definitive leads and are keeping the details of the case pretty confidential, not even releasing the “cause of death” beyond that it was a homicide.  {CNN}

Wow!  Japan’s Minister of Finance Shoichi Nakagawa stepped down after allegations were made that he was drunk following a G-7 meeting.  Nakagawa denied being drunk but said “it would be better for the country if I quit.”  {G&M}

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