Afternoon Tea 2.18.09

I’ve missed Karen O’s voice a lot! But some how the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s single “Zero” from their upcoming album got leaked! It’s lots of fun. Listen here. {We All Want Someone}

Zimbabwe announced that it will begin paying soldiers and civil servants in US dollars help jump start the failed economy. Zimbabwe’s currency is “almost worthless,” and they’ve been paying soldiers adn teachers in vouchers that are redeemable on specific days of the week. {BBC}

Sometimes I think Facebook is the devil and I question why I even have an account. FB does something considerate for now at least, backing down from the policy that states that Facebook owns your photos and wall posts even after you’ve closed your account, due to major complaints by its users. {CNN}

Kanye West is a fashionista! {NYMag}

Just to spike your tea  with a little shock factor this afternoon, Daily News has audio from the 911 call from chimpanzee attack in Connecticut.  Happy Wednesday.

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