Afternoon Tea 2.19.09

Pam Anderson pranced on to the Richie Rich runway in NYC at the Waldorf-Astoria last night in a gold, thong, bathing suit and very big hair! Oh America. {Fashionista}

Tons of toxic waste from broken electronics, like TVs and computers, are being dumped illegally in West African countries like Nigeria and Ghana.  The items are sold to dealers who then strip them of raw materials releasing harmful chemicals like mercury and lead. {BBC}

In NYC, the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) has to pay $2.33 million to some dude who got drunk and lost his leg when ended up on the train tracks in the path of an oncoming N train.  {CNN}

No bank account is safe.  Not even if it’s in Switzerland.  After admitting to “conspiring to defraud the IRS,” The largest Swiss bank, UBS, just agreed to spill the beans on Americans who have been using offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.  {NYT}

I’m kind of freaking because DJ Khaled is President of Def Jam South.  Wow.  Talk about watching some one come up. I remember when he was playing underground NY hip hop hits on the bootleg radio stations in South Florida.

image credit: Wenn

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