Afternoon Tea 2.20.09

Gone are the days when Johny would pick his main squeeze up in his Pontiac GTO. General Motors announced that Pontiac will me demoted to a “focused niche brand.” {NYT}

The NY Post posted a half-ass apology “to those who were offended by the image.” Why even bother apologizing? {G} {NYP}

Iran “understated” how much enriched uranium it has by a third, a recent appraisal of the country’s nuclear program found. Watch out now. {NYT}

I was waiting to hear something just a little different from Mavado for a while. “A So You Move” is it. It’s a response to Jamaica’s Broadcast Commission’s recent ban on “daggerin’ songs” (which refers to very rough sex) and the ban on bleeping out lyrics that are inappropriate for radio airplay. Song after the jump. {YardFlex}

A So You Move – Mavado

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