Afternoon Tea 2.23.09


There is no doubt that President Obama’s influence has been felt all over the world.  Brazillian Carnival Queen Viviane Castro was so inspired that she bodypainted his image on her leg.  {Huffington Post}

Would you pay $.99 to watch a music video online when you can go to YouTube to watch it for free?  MTV Pioneer Fred Seibert just joined forces with Verizon Fios to offer signed and unsigned artists the opportunity to have their videos distributed and promoted on new site {Advertising Age}

Finally more faces of color on the runway during Fashion Week.  WWD’s Stephanie Smith and Marc Karimzadeh interview industry heads to get the scoop. {WWD}

“Dead Aid” author Dambisa Moyo talks slams Hollywood’s obsession with “saving” Africa in a Q&A with the New York Times Magazine.  {New York Times Magazine}

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