Afternoon Tea 2.27.09


New York’s getting warmer, but I would love to be in Salvador, Brazil, eating acaraje and drinking Brahma out of paper bags in the courtyard of the Bay of All Saints right now.{NYT}

Bill Maher’s got a new set of New Rules:
New Rule: If you’re a Latino family having trouble with food and day care expenses, let Angelina Jolie adopt one of your kids. Let’s face it: you need the financial breathing room, and Brad and Angelina need a Mexican. Can you say “win-win”? {RS}

I grew up in the Caribbean so a part of me is programmed to like Cricket.  The West Indies team is playing England in Barbados right now and Guardian’t keeping score. {G}

Bangladesh police found a mass grave containing 30 bodies suspected to be those of officers held hostage during the rebellion. {NYT}

Ryanair, an Irish budget airline is considering charging passengers for using the bathroom, by installing a “coin slot on the toilet door.”  You know times are hard when you have to pay for the toilet.  What if you have to go really bad and you can’t find your wallet? {BBC}

Hungover, watching HS Reunion. It’s great to know that some people never really change.

image credit: NYTimes

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