Afternoon Tea 2.3.09

Swimmer Michael Phelps may lose his endorsements due to photos of the Olympic gold medalist smoking from a bong which were published in a British newspaper. Sometimes I want to become a famous athlete, and then I think I may have to stop getting high… Oh well, I’m a yoga girl anyway. {CNN}
Move over Russia, look out China & India, Iran wants in on outer space. Omid, the country’s first homemade satellite launched in to orbit today, Iran’s 30th anniversary. {G}
Factories in the US and UK aren’t the only ones shutting down. Jamaican bauxite factory, the Windalco Alumina Company, just announced that it’s closing for two months, “due to the declining global demand for alumina.” And if you know how things in the West Indies go, two months could easily become two years. {JG}
The new Lady GaGa video for “Eh Eh” is funny. She’s in Italy, and every time she sing “Eh Eh” Italians hold their hand up in the international Eey sign language. LOL. I guess you had to be there. {Perez}.

Remember that blog, Stuff White People Like? The content was made into a book. And now the author Christian Lander and the book are going on tour! This blog offered me hours of giggles when I stumbled upon it. The book may do the same for your coffee table. {SWPL}

Thought I’d share an excerpt from a recent posting on Stuff White People Like:

When white people think about regular salt, all they can think about
sodium and poor health.  When they think about Sea Salt they think
about France.  So it’s no surprise that it has become so popular.
But Sea Salt is like Trader Joes, Banksy, or The Shins-entry level
to their respective field.  Therefore, it is important that you learn
about other more expensive salts so that you can complain about not
having them.

Hahaha… Happy browsing.

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