Afternoon Tea 2.4.09

Italians have succumbed to the cupcake! Notorious for shunning “outside” food, little by little the Italians are rolling out their welcome mats for cupcakes. Well Italia, all I can say is, I’m glad you’re coming around. Cupcakes are pretty slammin’ aren’t they? {G&M}

Facebook is five! The online social network that revolutionized social networking and got us in touch with everyone we thought we’d never talk to again after high school is giving all users a “mysery virtual gift” to celebrate. Happy Birthday Facebook. Since you were born, my level of privacy has significantly decreased. {BBC}

Taliban fighters repotedly captured 30 from Pakistan’s police force in a Swat Valley police station raid. {AJ}

And as the fighting in Sri Lanka continues, 52 civilians were killed when a cluster bomb hit “the last functioning hospital” in Pithukkudiruppu.” {G}

The world is topsey turvy right now. Stay up ladies. Happy hump day.

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