Afternoon Tea 2.5.09

If you don’t know the scoop on the 50 Cent Rick Ross beef, MTV News will get ya covered. Ross just released a video to “Mafia Music,” the track where he clowns on 50’s house burning down last summer. Rick, I am loving those red and gold sunglasses. {MTV} {TSS}

Think everyone handles evidence from a crime scene with as much care as they do on C.S.I.? You’re wrong. The National Academy of Sciences is set to release a report that identifies the weak points in forensic methods employed by many a police department, suggesting that Congress appoint a federal agency to deal with the forensic evidence. {NYT}

Whatup Kanye? I’m loving this unreleased track “Gossip Files.” We don’t know when it dropped, but it sounds like Ye circa College Dropout/ Late Registration. The beat is hot and the lyrics are so old Kanye. Me likey. {PMA}

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