And The Love is a Battlefield WINNER is…

If an effort to soothe the hearts of women everywhere who’ve suffered bad dates- we, the ladies of Parlour, held a contest entitled “LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD” because you know what? It is…lol. One of my worst dates included an argument in his car that was so ridiculous, I refused to even enter the resty we’d driven to for dinner and I made him take me home. Donkeys don’t always have tails ladies. ANYWAY…after reading entries from Finkies, Miss Cocoaluv, Leezy and Tsunami, and taking your comments and views into account, we decided that Leezy is the winner with the worst date ever!

Read her story “The Politics of Love & Fuckery” here.

For her troubles, Leezy will receive a gift basket full of facemasks and candy from Montagne Jeunesse, a CD from SRC/Universal artist, Melanie Fiona and Parlour lovin’ to last her through Valentine’s day and beyond.

Hit us up at Leezy! And til next time Parlouristas- thanks for playing!

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