Baby Got Back…And It’s Paid in Full


All Star Weekend 2009.  NBA stars, hip hop artists, industry heads, and of course…groupies.  Only this time, I noticed something new.  Something… extra. A trip to a Kenny Smith party introduced me to the unknown world of… butt implants.  Initially I saw one, then two, then three and four women with asses large enough to place a stack of books and a bowl of grits on them with no problem.  Of course these backsides were donned with a nice pair of leggings, a fitted shirt and stilleto heels, made accentuate every curve.

Thanks to King magazine, Buffie the Body, Sir Mix-a-Lot and good old fashioned amateur black porn, women are embracing large asses like never before.  Now some have taken it to another level by having them surgically enhanced. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt implants (or buttock augmentations) have grown 158 percent in the past three years.  Usually it is done by either inserting a silicone implant or by pulling fat from other parts of the body and inserting it into the buttock area.  Either way, you’re looking at spending anywhere from $7000 to $15,000 for the procedure.  That is, unless you find your homegirl from around the way who is willing to inject you with her in-house tools of silicone injections.  This is what happened to a group of women in Tampa who later ended up with “internal injuries” after allowing a woman to inject them with a silicone substance called hydrogel and saline solutions for cosmetic enhancements, all for the lovely price of $500 for 40 injections. (Read more here)

Where is this trend going, ladies?  Although I am the first to celebrate the beauty of a round backside…there IS a such thing as taking it too far.

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