Eff The Hairshows, Meet Sandy!

Check out Sandy Paws and her poodle grooming skills. She puts every one I have ever seen at a Golden Scissors or Bronner Bros hair show to shame! This girl has got talent, she tends to work it out on her own poodle Cindy, including such looks as the Space Oddisey, a Dragon, a Chicken…and a Ninja Turtle (see above). Read that again, a Ninja Turtle. See the look on her face? She knows she’s the shit! Oh and there is more.

Check out more of her work at Pink Coyote. Using hair color, spray chalk, henna and food coloring to give her dogs some “uumph”, I have to give this chick props. Bath time for me and my dog is like WWIII so imagine having to give your pooch a dye job. Who knew that there was even a creative grooming awards circuit? I bet their parties are the shit…literally.

Don’t even ask me where I found this…

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