Et Tu A-Fraud?

So back in 2003, before it was punishable by the league, what was supposed to be an anonymous set of tests were given to establish if Major League Baseball should start penalizing players for steroid use. Under the terms of the deal, the test results were to be destroyed.
OK so that didn’t happen, and for the past two days the big story has been that of those 104 names of players who tested positive, one of them was my friend and yours please insert sarcasm RIGHT HERE, Alex Rodriguez.
He tested positive for, testosterone and Primobolan, which is used to increase strength without necessarily increasing bulk or causing one to “blow up” the way other drugs did.  Supposedly you can cycle off of it and maintain 80% of what you picked up while on it, and it is detectable in the system for less time than the other drugs that were popular at the time.  He isn’t talking and I don’t blame him.  The League and the Union mucked this one all the way up.

According to the agreement between MLB and the MLBPA, the records of the names of the athletes tested were supposed to be destroyed along with the results.  What other records did they keep that they weren’t supposed to? What are the other 103 names? I want to know. The universe can’t possibly be lining up against A-Rod alone for my enjoyment and pleasure.  There isn’t that much good luck on this planet, and if there is, I should buy a lotto ticket.

He hasn’t tested positive since that we know of, but this has been the topic of conversation all weekend. I personally find it hilarious, yet another example of what people have been saying about him from the beginning-that there’s something you can’t put your finger on, but it just doesn’t compute.

Since it’s a legal matter, of course A-Rod has no comment, but it will be super interesting to see if he shows up in Miami for a dinner where he’s supposed to be honored this Friday, or what he has to say at Spring Training.  The first full squad practice is next Wednesday.  I can’t wait for the barrage of questions that will be asked seventy-two different ways and get no answer, or some answer, or a no comment.

That these cheating assed players are making a mockery of my favorite sport and destroying my childhood is just something that comes with the territory I’m sure.  As we all grow up and learn about certain things (Santa Claus and the like), its only natural that we learn that baseball players take shots in their rear ends to “play better.”  What seems to be the most bothersome about this latest reveal, is that A-Rod won the MVP the same year he tested positive.  Did he win because of the drugs? Probably. Will anyone ever know for sure? Who knows.  This is the same dude who went on “60 Minutes” and said to the world that he has never done anything illegal, fully confident that the MLBPA destroyed all the evidence.  It’s not even sad anymore though, After watching Roger Clemens throw his former teammate under the bus to shave his own skin.

So just for the record, this ARod debacle changes the count to Canseco 7 and lying MLB players 0.  I know he is somewhere laughing extra hard and doing his best not to say “I told you so.” I know I would be.


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