Facebook is/was The Devil?

Not sure if you’ve been following this Facebook fiasco, but you know those “terms and conditions” you barely read but signed anyway when you joined the social network? Looks like the terms can be changed as Facebook sees fit and recently, the company got a bit big brother and declared that it was claiming everyone’s photos as their property to use in marketing however they saw fit, without compensating the person to whom the content belonged.

you: Hm…so you mean that drunk picture of me from last friday night where I (or, someone who looks alot like me…) was barfing in a toilet is up for grabs?

Facebook: Yes (mwahahahahaha!)

That was the status quo, until of course, people wrote in hate notes to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, who buckled and returned the “terms & conditions” to something a little less ominous.

The End.

Facebook backtracks on change to terms of use after protests

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