Fashion Fuckery: BBC/Ice Cream Sneakers

Ok, we all have seen how brands take classic sneaker silhouettes like the Adidas Rod Lavers or Nike Air Force One, switch out a shape or logo, rebrand it and sell it back to us. Fashion is imitation and flattery, so we get that. It’s wack, but so is most streetwear out there now anyway, so we get it. But this has got to stop…really BBC? You expect us to spend $210 for a pair of what I, and the rest of the world would think are a pair of $45 Converse Chuck Taylor’s?

Flip the canvas, give me a new materials for the grommets, a new sole—something! Will the shoelaces wash dishes? Is there a small personal assistant in the tongue?

I will hang my head in shame and not be surprised when I see some douche rockin these.

Seriously? Get The Fuck Outta Here.

Ok, fashion rant complete.

Found @ Standard

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