Fashion Week: Michael Kors = Furs Galore and Leather

kors fashion 2

If I wore this hat- would you still be my friend?

At first glance I was uninspired by my “Project Runway” favorite Michael Kors…the orange hat looks like some crazy leftover prop from a Moby video. Hm…On the other hand, I swoon for most belted coats, so this fur (sorry PETA) coat is a winner. Also, our fave brownies Jourdan Dunn AND Chanel Iman were also part of the fray. SWOON. Also, for the record, with all of this fur, Cleopatra Jones would be thrilled. Rarrrr…

kors fashion 3kors fashion 4_chanel iman
kors fashion 5_ jourdan dunnkors fashion 6_ leather dress

ps. Bring BACK the ’80s! I want me a leather dress!

images via Wireimage.

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