French Lace for my Brazilian Bunda: New Lingerie Site Offers Best of All Worlds


Finally, a lingerie retailer that caters to every body type.  Whether you are a B-cup with a round back-end, an A-cup who requires a little extra to accentuate your body’s feminity, or a curvaceous sister who wants to highlight your curves in all the right places, new lingerie Web site has a little something for you. is an online retail experience that offers a great line-up of quality lingerie from brands around the world. Each item on the site was carefully selected from Brazil, France, Turkey, Canada, Columbia, the U.K., Netherlands and the US to offer an array of affordable options without compromising quality.  Most sets cost less than $70.  

My favorite part of the site is that each country represents a different body type as well as a different approach to lingerie and sensuality.  You can shop by body type or by country. When shopping by country, the site gives you a little insight on how women are shaped in each respective country and the lingerie that is made to accommodate these figures. 

Here’s a little glimpse of what you can find. I thought this was fascinating:

Brazilian Lingerie

In a country that is overwhelmingly female (stats show over 60%), lingerie and sexuality is part of everyday life. Made exclusively for the smaller breasted and surgically enhanced, most Brazilian lingerie will push up the breasts or expose them in such a way that makes them appear bigger. However, in this country the emphasis will always be on the behind. It will be rounded, exposed, and displayed as the showpiece it is. Full coverage panties simply do not exist. Expect incredibly low low rise panties with a higher rise in the back (to accommodate the larger behind)

Turkish Lingerie

Turkey is well known for its sumptuous, high quality textiles. As Istanbul has the unique quality of being in both Europe and Asia, get ready for a myriad of Middle East and Western influences. Intimates are made for curvy women where the emphasis is on the hips not the bottom (think belly dancer). They are skilled at accentuating the hip to waist ratio which produces an exaggerated hourglass figure. They specialize in the bras for the fuller bust and are perfect for full Cs and Ds.

Check it out for more:

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