Giant’s Emil Wilbekin on NY Post’s Chimp Fiasco


Our boy Emil Wilbekin, EIC of Giant Magazine, voiced his opinion on the NY Post‘s chimpanzee x Barack Obama. Mahogs talked about it here on Parlour and I followed up when a NY Post employee said a few things…Anyway, here’s Wilbekin’s opinion. Agree?

“Plain and simple, Black folks don’t like to be compared to animals…especially nonhuman primate mammals. We have historically have had bad experiences with being called and treated like monkeys. You think of African royalty and warriors captured in their homeland by colonialist and shackled and chained like beast. Or Saarijite Baartman aka The Hottentot Venus, a Khosian woman from South African who is 1810 was taken to England and France where her naked body was put on display like a circus animal.

African Americans are not overreacting to the New York Post cartoon by Sean Delonas that clearly makes reference to the actor/pet chimp in Stamford, Conn. that severely mauled its owner and was killed by police. The illustration also subtly points to Barack Obama as the dead chimpanzee. I am confused by the Post’s definition of parody. What does the chimp have to do with the stimulus package?”


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