Happy Birthday G-Wagen!

Check out the first of the two special 30-year celebratory editions of the much famed Mercedes Benz G-Wagen. I straight STAN for this car every time I see one on the road. Imagine a crew of guys after Halle Berry walks by…yeah, it’s kinda like that for me. Originally created in 1979 for the Shah of Iran, the G-Wagen of G-Class has been the bare-bones, yet heavy duty luxury in the Mercedes stable for years. It’s classic quiet luxury for the discerning consumer who wants the durability of an SUV but the style that Mercedes is known for. For about 60K Euros, the first one (pictured), called the EDITION30.PUR can be yours now—and that is the naked version, for a tricked out ride plan on spending about 100K Euros. Btw, if you have 60K or about 75K USD to spare on a ride, can you call me? I’m saying, I just want to go up and down the street…

Via Luxist

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