Hey Girlfriend!


I met him in Cancun during a Memorial Weekend fest. It was my first time going to Cancun so I was excited. I didn’t expect to see anyone I knew during my time there but low and behold, I saw half of NYC. Go figure.

During my time there I saw too many people, either friends with, acquaintances, frenemies etc. On our first night there, my girls and I wanted to go to the main strip and see what was going on. We didn’t buy tickets to any of the parties for that night so we just decided to go to a bar and get some drinks. First of all, the bar hardly had any guys to talk about and the guys that we did see were dancing VERY hard and tangalicious to Lil Mama’s “Lipgloss.” If anything, they were amusing as hell. They were big dudes too, lol. As the night grew late and the drinks began to take effect, I spotted a guy who was about 6’2″, decent build, nice face etc. We started dancing, then the questions:

Him: So what do you do?
Me: I work in advertising (yea I know it’s vague)
Him: Oh yea, me too
Me: (I give him a look like yea right mofo) Where?
Him: I work at _____
Me: STOP LYING! Me too… I never saw you there before
Him: I work in the Union Square office
Me: WOW… (I’m in disbelief because I go all the way to Cancun and I not only meet someone from NY, but he works for my company)

That night we exchanged numbers and emails to keep in touch. During my stay I ran into him a couple more times at various parties. At one party in particular we got close…alcohol is a helluva drug. Vacation, drinks, club and music. Nothing happened though, thank goodness.

When I got back home, I googled him, found out a little: He was normal. SCORE!!!

That week, I hit him up and we hung out. Went on a couple of dates, conversations were so-so. He had this thing when he would say after everything, “Hey Girlfriend.” Weird but good for laughs.

Fast forward to a Sunday conversation…(Two dates in):

Him: So do you want to come to BK (to his house)
Me: Nah
Him: Oh, but you said before that you wouldn’t mind
Me: No I don’t mind going to BK, but I don’t want to go to your house
Him: Oh ok, cool, let me call you back

So after that conversation, I figured we were cool. Up until that point he would treat a sista and that’s always a good thing. He told me on the first date that I wouldn’t have to come out of pocket, so I was good on that. When he called back this is how the conversation went:

Him: So do you want to go to a hotel in the city?
Me: Wha?
Him: Well since you didn’t want to go to BK, I figured we could go somewhere closer to you.
Me: Why would I want to go to a hotel? What about the movies?
Him: Oh… well…ok. So no hotel
Me: Nah, I’m not ready for that.
Him: Oh ok, so umm can you pay for your ticket for the movie tonight?
Me: hmmmm…. Ok. No prob.

We met up, but I knew that would probably be the last time I saw him. We would chat every now and then on AIM but I felt the distance. Two weeks later I called him just to say what’s up and he told me “I’m going through some things so I will be fading away” or some ish (it was a while ago so little things are fuzzy). I said, well ok. Take care. And that was it.

-Miss Cocoaluv

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